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What Is an Auto Insurance Agency Declaration Page?

Car insurance formAn auto insurance agency declaration page is a document that provides basic information on an insurance policy. Generally, the first page is a declaration, and people can receive a copy just by itself. However, this is not the same as proof of insurance, which people are required to carry within their vehicle when they are looking to make a claim onĀ  their insurance policy. This proof of insurance has some details on the declaration page, however, it is not so detailed.

Basically, an insurance declaration page is a quick guide to one’s insurance policy details, providing all the basic information a policy holder has to know. It will include the name and address of their insurance provider, in addition to the issuing agent, and it will include the contact information for the person who is insured. It will also state what exactly is insured, how much, under what situations, and the expiry date. For instance, a car insurance document could state a vehicle comes with full comprehensive insurance, from 5th January 1970 to 1 January 1971.

This page will also include any endorsements and extras on the policy apart from the basic coverage already stated. To use the above instance again, the insurance policy may state a car also has auto glass endorsement, which specifically covers damage to its windows, in addition to a towing plan that covers towing the vehicle if it is disabled.

It is crucial to properly read your insurance declaration page when a copy of it is issued. If the information on it is erroneous, this means the insurance provider does not have the correct information on their records, and this will be a major issue if a claim needs to be made on the policy. If the amount of the coverage is wrong, the contact information is not correct either, the description of what is being covered is also wrong, or there are other such similar issues, the errors on this declaration page must be immediately brought to the attention of your provider, in order for them to correct it.

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