Not Sure If You Will Get Car Insurance, Because of DUI?

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How to Get Auto Insurance with  DUI

Auto Insurance Inspection in Sacramento, CAIf you have ever been convicted of driving whilst under the influence, also referred to as DUI, you could find it much harder to get auto insurance. If you already have coverage and have only just recently been convicted, you will find your premiums will either increase or your policy could be cancelled completely. Because most  insurance companies will not cover people who do DUI and the ones which do only provide  high rates, you will be lucky if you get any coverage at all. As difficult as it is obtain insurance once you DUI, it is possible to find companies which provide coverage and then compare all the different rates. In addition, you need to know more about a SR-22 form which will be needed before you can get auto insurance.

In most cases, your license is suspended once you receive a DUI. To get it back, you need to fill out an SR-22 form and sent it to your local motor vehicle department. This  makes sure you will always have insurance because if you lapse your coverage, the motor vehicle department will be notified, and your license will be suspended again. Generally, this SR-22 form is an excellent way of making sure you do not go without having the minimum insurance. When you start to look for insurance in case of DUI, make sure to ask each company if they provide for SR-22; those who do not, are not able to insure you.

The process for getting insurance once there is DUI, is similar to the procedure when obtaining normal car insurance, except that you have less choices. If you have previously had coverage which was cancelled after your conviction, think about calling your provider for a reinstatement, especially if you have had an otherwise clean record.

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