We, at Bates Insurance Agency, care about the future of our clients in the Midtown, CA area. We have provided hundreds of people with great customer service and quality auto and home insurance, all over the area. Our work efficiency and correctness is our top priority. In order to keep and increase the number of our loyal customers. If you already received some benefit from hiring Bates Insurance Agency, you have the opportunity to leave your comment.

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 7 reviews
by Jess on

Great job!

by Rena D. Lobes on
Thank you very much!

After my husband and I decided to purchase some property, we wanted to make sure that we are prepared for any possible scenario. This included the purchase of a proper homeowners insurance, but we didn't have anyone to turn to. A friend of ours reminded us that we could look for someone online, and after we did, your agency came highly recommended. Thank you for your great deals and outstanding professionalism!

by Craig F. Morms on
Good service!

Last year, my brother Mike was in a minor accident, but he didn't have insurance, and as you can imagine, this was quite problematic for his household. When we bought a new car a few weeks ago, I wanted to get a good car insurance, so everything would be alright. Your agency provided me with several options, everyone of which was better than good – thank you for your services!

by Linda R. Kowalsky on
Good company!

My daughter Jane got her driving license a few weeks ago, and we decided to give her a car for a present. Before we did, however, we wanted to make sure that all the documentation was proper, and the only thing that was left to do was to find a proper auto insurance agency. You guys did a great job, thank you for your assistance!

by Tommie K. Robbins on
Clear, swift, and professional!

If I have to be honest, I knew that having an insurance is an important thing, but the whole process and documentation is coming a bit fuzzy in my mind. I was getting a feeling that my ex-insurance agency didn't want to reveal certain aspects of their services, and this is why I started looking for an alternative agency that could provide me with a proper home owner insurance. Thank God I've found you. After we spoke for the first time, things were much clearer than before, thank you very much!

by Dora C. Michaels on
Thank you!

It was that time of the year when I had to renew a few insurance policies. This time, however, I wanted to find a better auto insurance agency and decided to do some extensive research on the Internet. I must say, your company addressed every concern I had, and I am happy to have signed up with you. You have my gratitude!

by Richard Harney on

I would recommend Bates Insurance Agency to anyone I know! Thank you so much for your support, after my car accident. I was so stressed, and your agent helped me to arrange everything. Thank you, again!