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Benefit From a Professional Auto Insurance Agency & More

Looking for a professional insurance agency that offers a wide variety of products? Jacinth Insurance is perfect for you! We are an agency offering a wide range of home insurance coverage packages & more to help our clients have peace of mind. We are conveniently based in Sacramento, CA.

Our Services

Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance
If you have travel insurance that includes emergency medical coverage, it may cover any losses incurred as a result of covered medical and dental emergencies that arise while you are traveling. Benefits for emergency medical transportation may cover the cost of getting you home after a covered injury or illness as well as any necessary transportation to the closest suitable medical facility.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance
The two most popular types of insurance are term and permanent. The best solution for immediate financial needs is term insurance. If you pass away while the policy's "period" is in effect, a payout will be made, but it is not guaranteed. If you need coverage that has a set expiration date, then this kind of insurance might be appropriate. For instance, you might decide that you don't need insurance until your mortgage is paid off if your children are away at college or if you owe a sizable sum of money.

House Insurance

House Insurance
Protecting your main residence, or the area of your home where you live is the main objective of home insurance. Think about the destruction brought on by a house fire or the significant (and expensive) damage brought on by a hurricane or tornado. While 100% of your home's value should ideally be covered by insurance, 80% to 90% is a good starting point. Major damage, minor damage, and full replacement costs are typically all covered by policies.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance
If your car is damaged in an accident, by fire, or by self-ignition, you are covered. Your auto insurance agency also covers losses brought on by terrorism, strikes, riots, theft, or burglary. In addition, car insurance protects against loss or damage incurred while using inland waterways, air, roads, or lifts. A predetermined amount of personal accident coverage is another benefit of hiring an auto insurance agent.

The Benefits

You must incorporate life insurance into your overall financial plan. Get life insurance to protect your family’s financial stability. In addition to paying for final expenses, life insurance can act as a safety net for your family by replacing lost income or leaving an inheritance to the right beneficiary. The profits from a life insurance policy can be used to cover final costs after death. Unpaid bills include expenses for burial and cremation, uninsured medical care, and estate administration. Life insurance proceeds may be used to replace a portion of your lost income in the event of your death. There is a fair chance that it will be put to use, among other things, to pay your mortgage or your kids’ college expenses. Additionally, the funds might be used to settle other debts, like a car loan or credit card balance.

We Work with The Following Agencies:

  • Allied Benefits
  • CSE Insurance Group
  • MetLife¬†Insurance
  • SafeCo¬†Insurance
  • Kemper
  • OMI
  • The Hartford
  • Commerce West
  • First American Insurance
  • Fidelity
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

How We Work

We have our distinct method of operation while offering homeowners insurance & more. We adhere to all laws and pay special attention to every detail when assisting our clients. We can accommodate their unique requirements because we deal exclusively with them. We are awaiting your call!

Are you looking for a professional and reliable house insurance expert in Sacramento, CA? Jacinth Insurance is the one you should choose. Contact us today!

Client Testimonials
by Mike R. on Jacinth Insurance
Great job!

I was looking for a professional auto insurance agency and this one was recommended to me by a friend. They offered me the package that best fit my needs. Thank you for your assistance!

Jacinth Insurance
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